Believe in Art

When our Divine Nature will finally shine through to this world, art will still be here, more present than ever.
Cherish it, spread it, create it.

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About Jan

Thought Leader.

Born in the Czech Republic and now residing in Vancouver, Canada since 2010, Jan Kasparec is equal parts visionary, artist, and philosopher. Through his art, he inspires others to remember their True Self, embrace their creativity and better the world around them.

Featured Works

Looking for something special? These featured pieces are sure to impress.

Watch Creativity in Action

Art is about not just the finished piece, but the journey and steps involved in its creation. Every painting has a story to tell and a secret to reveal. Explore Jan’s creation process and follow along on YouTube to experience the thinking, passion, and personal trials that went into each piece.

From Instagram

Jan’s two instagram accounts are filled with behind the scenes and sneak peak previews of upcoming pieces!

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Jan writes about art and The Great Awakening. Exclusive offers included – who couldn’t use some of that in their inbox?