Jan Kasparec Creates Art That Makes Us Remember Who We Really Are

Art, when expressed authentically, can be the most powerful tool of self-transformation which in turn has to inevitably reflect into the society we created. We were all born as artists. It is time to reconnect with our natural selfless creativity and light up our world.

Artist. traveller. philosopher.

Hi, I’m Jan Kasparec  It’s Wonderful to Meet You

Having visited more than 100 countries, I am truly blessed to have seen the world through the eyes of so many people. My travels have opened my mind and creativity by empowering my spiritual self to express itself through culture, words, and of course, art.

World Traveller

Jan has travelled to more than 100 countries over the past two decades and has enriched his experiences in the culture, traditions, and customs of the places he’s visited.

Community Member

Jan seeks to give back to the community he calls home, constantly striving to impact people around him in ever-growing circles. He is currently dedicated to the greatest philanthropic mission of his life: to build Gaia Reborn. Stay subscribed to learn about his progress!

Dedicated Student

Jan is a humble and avid student of life. Dedicated yogi, meditator, breathwork practitioner and Gene Keys voyager, Jan sees the path of conscious contemplation and complete ownership of one’s state of being as the master key to any progress on the Path to the Truth of Self. 

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I like to showcase the inspiration and creativity that goes into my art. Follow along as I paint and talk through how each piece comes to life.

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