Final Leap


Year: 2017

Dimensions: xx24 x 30 Inches

Material: Oil on Canvas

Story: This painting is so personal to me. What it represents is clear to anyone who has been sitting in silence long enough, searching for the truth of who we are beyond the noisy mind. Every honest search eventually leads to the same realization: that fear of Death comes with the incarnation package, whether you’re aware of it or not, and that all other fears are just derivatives of this one primary fear: the fear of the end of existence, of finiteness, of Death. There is an abyss, a true chasm, that separates the world of the mind from the True realm of Eternity. All the roads lead to that abyss, and lady Death is sitting at its edge, terrifying and merciless. There is only one way to transcending our primary fear that we carry as collective karma in our DNA. That way is the leap of faith into her arms. A complete letting go of EVERYTHING we think we have accumulated and earned, including our precious mind. Only after we do this Final Leap, can we ascend to the throne of our true heritage: illumination and immortality. The trick is to die before our body dies. All the avatars who ever walked this Earth went through this Final Leap. And we all have the potential to do so too. I have been sitting in that very place many times in my deepest meditations. I know how it feels. But I also pray for the day I finally gather the courage so take that leap. Despite the terror, despite the screaming mind, despite the agonizing fear. I know that TRUE FREEDOM lies at the other side. Good luck fellow voyager. May you find the courage to take the Final Leap.

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