When the King Speaks – Part A


Year: 2018

Dimensions: 96 x 48 Inches

Material: Oil on Canvas

Pieces: 1 of 3

Story: (Large canvas, one of my masterpieces). When the king speaks, listen. The king speaks through silence of your mind, not the screaming of your seeking desire nature. What really matters in life comes when you pause, not when you run. What applies to LIFE also applies to Blockchain. Bitcoin does not shout, bitcoin is sitting silently on the top of the noise, power of its presence making former enemies into subdued allies and its former funerals into celebrations.

The blueprint of Universe is immutable and everything that goes against its abundant and ever-giving nature- centralization, greed, parasitism, enslavement of humanity, control etc- is a temporary phenomena that will eventually fall away. Do not despair in the times of darkness, because WE CREATED this by our unconscious fears. The only way out is the way of FULL OWNERSHIP OF EVERYTHING outside of us because it is the reflection of our inside. Only then we can reclaim our status of MASTERS CREATORS, instead of victims of the world and its system.

Yes, our nature is Divine and we cannot deviate from the Divine Plan forever.

When the King speaks, listen. You are that king. But not as a lofty arrogant construct in your mind. But as the immortal light in the noble silence of your humble resplendent heart.

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