Changing Rock Snail


Year: 2013

Dimensions: 24 x 24 Inches

Material: Oil on Canvas

Story: A wild piece from the wild period of my life. I still felt like everything in my new home, Vancouver, was so fresh and new to me. And I was obsessed with painting snails. I painted a whole series of them. Later one I found that the Freudian meaning of a snail is closely connected to Women’s yoni. Looking back at my life I have a big smile on my face. I was indeed a big kid cruising through a massive candy store, having a really hard time containing all my creative energy and resisting all the temptations that were so readily presented to me. Back then, I still have not fully grasped the concept of Creative Shakti, which is the same force as Sexual energy, and how to transform it into more sublime flows of higher chakras through dedicated creativity. Snails, I remember you, and I still love you!

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